Tourism in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Saint-Jean-de-Losne (21, Burgundy), a small town not far from Dijon is the first fluvial pleasure port (665 seats) of France.
With this great tourist potential, the city has many activities and local attractions not to be missed.

Tourisme à Saint-Jean-de-Losne

The Mariners' Walk

Discover Saint-Jean-de-Losne, fluvial crossroads and harbor of the boatmen through 3 courses:

  • Technical course
  • Daily life path
  • Heritage trail

Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

City step on the path from Dole to Vézelay, towards the Abbey of Cîteaux.

The House of Mariners

Located on Liberty Street, it is one of the oldest houses in the city. It dates from the 15th century and was built in mud, brick, terracotta and with oak ceilings, according to the tradition of the plains of Saone. The Burgundian virgin, carved on a beam, is vintage. This house is home to a permanent exhibition on the life of the mariners and the boat of the past. Photographs, models and objects bear witness to their daily lives: mechanics, locks, cargo, nets and a diving helmet.

Source : Tourist office of Saint-Jean-de-Losne

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